Magdalena Trimarchi was born in Buenos Aires in 1995 and lived in Houston, Texas for a while when she was a kid. She started to write Young Adult novels since she was twelve but the first one she completly develloped was Beyond Reality, deciding to publish it online to commit it's only purpose: to be read. Five months later, there where teenagers getting the symbol of the novel tattooed. Beyond Reality won a Watty prize for most read novel in 2015. 

She wrote other three YA novels that related each other intertextually: Hysteria, The outcast squad and A song for Alex. This three novels together with Beyond Reality, form a saga and recieve the name of The triad and are being published by Penguin Random House.

    In march 2015, Magdalena won the first prize Centenario Cortázar with a short story. 

Besides novels and short stories, she also writes manifestos in Absurd manifest of a present that doesn't exist and poetry in Lets start by saying good-bye.

    She signed and exposed in Outsiders and Women in young adult literature at the international Book Fair of Buenos Aires, 2017 y 2018.

    Currently, Magdalena is in Buenos Aires teaching creative writing to gruops and individuals, developing the script of her fist horror indie film, Terror in Misandria, and pre producing the film based on her second novel, Hysteria.